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Mother a friend calls it

Over the years I have worked with a lot of people who are working on healing the wounds given to them by their mothers. 

We don’t associate mothers with someone who can injure us. They are supposed to protect and nurture us. How can they hurt us? 

Lack of expression of value, respect and nurture from a mother to a child can cause a wound really deep and painful. It takes a lot of mindful self-love, Self-compassion and courage to heal that wounded inner child. 

As mothers we do our best. It’s only human to make mistakes. Introspection, self-care and mindful repairs can help strengthen bond with our children. 


🎶🎵Live every moment 

Love every day

'Cus before you know it 

Your precious time slips away🎶🎵

Have you ever thought, yes, this is exactly how I want to live? But then life happens and somehow we find ourselves back in the same spot where we started from. 

I realized over the years that living every moment and loving every day also means acknowledging the uncomfortable emotions and making space for them and not employing our defenses to push them aside or judge them.

A few things that might help in the journey toward living every moment and loving every day

  • Connecting with yourself. This helps us listen to our inner voice 

  • Mindful presence. Helps us get to know ourselves better. One example is Observing how you respond to things around you. How do you think, feel and behave?

  • Being a kind a compassionate support to yourself 

  • Gratitude for everything in your life without any discrimination 

  • Unconstitutional self love and self acceptance 

Are you here, in your present moment?

Are you here, in your present moment?



Do you feel like you need another vacation after a vacation?

Most of us look forward to going on a vacation hoping to give ourselves a break from stress. However, in my experience my body cannot switch from busy mode to relaxed mode so easily. I have noticed that its when I go on a vacation I experience most of my sick days. Two years ago we had a nice vacation planned. I was so looking forward to it, I was hoping to just relax and unwind. But what I experienced was the opposite of what I hoped for. Others have also expressed similar experiences.

May be the constant demand we impose on our body prevents it from experiencing whatever that it needs to at that moment. As a result when we take a break from the unrealistic pressure that we impose on our bodies it uses that time to go back and catch up with the unattended feelings and emotions. It’s important to connect with our body so that we are more receptive of its needs and are able to make space for them. 



🎶🎵🎶 I have a dream, a song to sing, To help me cope with anything, If you see the wonder of a fairy tale, You can take the future even if you fail…🎶🎵🎶

We all have dreams, aspirations, wishes. A few essential things that can turn our dreams into reality:

Believe in your dreams 🌈☀️

Believe in yourself

Follow your instincts

Believe in the process

Don't fear failure



To me Paris has always been a romantic place that you enjoy with a partner you love. Finding the right partner is in itself a journey, which begins with enjoying your own company. Until a few years ago loneliness and spending time alone were synonymous to me. Then I discovered the bliss of solitude.

♦️The first step is to know why are you looking for a partner, is it because you need someone to feel happy and complete or is it because the new relationship will just enhance the pre existing positive feelings within you.



Anxiety never feels good. The first response to feeling anxious is to fight it, but that ends up making it worse. So what should we do if we feel anxious?

Don’t fight it. If you fight anxiety then you are fighting your body. Your body wants the best for you. It will never work against you. Anxiety is your bodies way of bringing your attention to something important. Embrace it and make space for it.

Make time for yourself...

Make time for yourself...

STOP......Look around you, what do you notice?

STOP......Look around you, what do you notice?