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How will you know if you are stressed or anxious?

Stress is a reaction to everyday pressures of life. Stress can be triggered by a transitory situation. A stressful situation can cause us to react anxiously. A little anxiety is not always bad. Anxiety becomes a problem when the fear and worry is overwhelming and constant.  

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How Does Depression feel?

Depression is much more than feeling sad. It is a feeling of emptiness, hopelessness, worthlessness, helplessness. Depression makes it difficult to find joy in doing things you once liked.



Do you feel like you cannot speak your mind?

Since our childhood we are asked to be nice to everyone. What does being nice mean to you? Does it mean that you cannot express your needs and have to always do things that make others happy?







Why do we need relationships?

Have you ever found yourself thinking, am I too needy? I should not depend on anyone, I need to be able to do it alone?  These thoughts might go against our basic needs and create a conflict within us.  




Grief is a healing process we experience due to the loss of something significant. It is a natural reaction to our loss. Grief can last for months or years. There is no timeline to grief.