Happiness is when, what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony

- Gandhi


As a psychotherapist who believes in the holistic approach to health and personal transformation. My mission in creating Hope Heals Therapy is to help individuals attain an improved state of mental wellness by gaining a harmony between their thoughts, feelings and actions.


Once you choose hope anything is possible. When it hurts the most hope heals. All of us have an inner voice that shows us direction. There are times when for whatever reason we stop listening to that voice. That’s when we feel lost. My role as a therapist is to get you back in touch with your inner voice.


We all possess an inner strength to heal our emotional wounds. Sometimes, it might feel otherwise. That’s when as a therapist I hold the hope for you and provide you the guidance you might need to find that strength and hope within yourself.  I accompany you as a support and a guide in your journey to empowerment and a deeper positive connection with yourself  and others. 

Choosing the path of growth and transformation takes a lot of courage and is the first step towards empowerment, and change. I am committed to being by your side every step of the way. We will work together at your pace to generate insights, gain awareness, developing new coping skills which will lead to lasting change.  Various tools can be integrated in our work together based on what works the best for you.

My Approach

One of the important aspects of counseling that helps us achieve our goals is the therapeutic relationship formed between the therapist and the client.  I believe in working in collaboration. I see you as an expert on your life. Both of us work together towards a common goal identified by you.  My approach to therapy is relational, honest, direct and insight oriented. I use my expertise to show you the reflection of your subconscious by making observations, asking questions, sometimes challenging you. This will bring to the forefront what might be holding you back from reaching your full potential. It might highlight your inner conflicts that you might be struggling with. 

Some of the techniques I incorporate are for mind-body bridging, mindfulness which helps in the process of grounding and being in the present. CBT which helps in identifying rational from irrational thoughts, changing thought process and in turn changing feelings and actions.

I use psychodynamic approach to gain awareness and insight about patterns, connections. To dig deeper in your past and identify the root cause of what might be blocking you emotionally and mentally in the present. Attachment based, this helps us identify the attachment patterns formed growing up and how that might be affecting present relationships. EMDR is used for processing trauma both single incident trauma and complex developmental trauma. Emotional regulation is another area of focus, different emotional regulation techniques based on mindfulness are taught. Some other approached used are healing your inner child, psycho-education,  brief solution focused etc. 

Along with being fluent in English, I also speak Hindi and Bengali (Indian languages) 

Do you have a question about my approach to therapy? Just call me at 512-887-8033