Are you wondering how to stop feeling anxiety, self doubt and exhaustion and start living the life you really want?


You are experiencing exhaustion from stretching yourself too thin and not being able to set boundaries because of the fear of being misunderstood and upsetting someone. The feeling of self doubt and anxiety does not let you choose what you really want and you rely a lot on external validation. You give people the benefit of the doubt, take on blame and rationalize other people’s behavior, leading to having toxic relationships. You are tired now and you want to just live your life on your own terms. You want to feel free and feel like it’s about time you take charge of your life. 

Thank you for reaching out. Let’s help you find relief

I am Anu.

I am a licensed professional counselor, EMDR certified and IFS level 2 trained therapist located in Austin TX. 

I am a trauma therapist in Texas and Washington State who specializes in working with anxiety, people pleasing and relationship trauma through a the lens of childhood trauma using EMDR and IFS. 

I provide online therapy to women in Austin, all over Texas and Washington State who find themselves caught in an inner conflict that keeps them from taking control of their life. A part of you might be ready to take the steps to take charge of your life but there are other parts that are holding you back because of anxiety, self doubt, not wanting to upset people, guilt and shame. 

In our work together we make space for all your conflicting parts. Identify your beliefs about yourself that are keeping you stuck. You gain awareness about your patterns and learn to connect with your own feelings. We work on the root cause of your struggles and current symptoms. We work on you being able to identify and follow your instincts, set boundaries and express your thoughts, wants, likes and dislikes.

There is a sense of relief, freedom and excitement in realizing that you have a choice.

You don’t have to be guided by the feeling of guilt.

You don’t have to settle for something that you don’t want.

Forming a compassionate relationship with yourself will help you connect with your wants and needs and allow you to reach out for them.

Therapeutic approach

EMDR Therapy

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. It helps reduce the intensity of the traumatic memory and helps your system get out of the fight, flight freeze response. EMDR will help you reprocess the difficult memory that your brain has been holding on to and change your relationship with it. It helps you identify a new positive meaning from that experience and heal. The experience from your past will no longer have a hold on your present or future.

Internal Family Systems (IFS)

Internal Family Systems works with the conflicting parts within you. It works with the parts of you that are doing the job of protecting you but in the process hold you back from living the life you really want to live.  We identify the parts that are holding the pain and the parts that are perpetuating the cycle of pain and work through them to undo the deadlock in your emotional healing. IFS facilites healing through compassion and curiosity.

Parts work EMDR

In my experience the combination of EMDR and Parts work has shown great results for my clients. Parts-work helps lower the resistance and EMDR helps desensitize and reprocess difficult experiences and feelings.


As a psychotherapist who believes in the holistic approach to health and personal transformation. My mission in creating Hope Heals Therapy is to help you attain an improved state of mental wellness by gaining a harmony between your thoughts, feelings and actions.


Once you choose hope, anything is possible. When it hurts the most hope heals. All of us have an inner voice that shows us direction. There are times when for whatever reason we stop listening to that voice. That’s when we feel lost. My role as a therapist is to get you back in touch with your inner voice.

We all possess an inner strength to heal our emotional wounds. Sometimes, it might feel otherwise. That’s when as a therapist I hold the hope for you and provide you the guidance you might need to find that strength and hope within yourself.  I accompany you as a support and a guide in your journey to empowerment and a deeper positive connection with yourself  and others. 

Choosing the path of growth and transformation takes a lot of courage and is the first step towards empowerment, and change. I am committed to being by your side every step of the way. We will work together at your pace to generate insights, gain awareness, and develop new coping skills which will lead to lasting change.  Various tools can be integrated in our work together based on what works the best for you. 

My Approach

I am a licensed professional counselor and an EMDR certified therapist. I believe that one of the important aspects of counseling that helps us achieve our goals is the therapeutic relationship formed between the therapist and the client.  I believe in working in collaboration. I see you as an expert on your life. Both of us work together towards a common goal identified by you. 

My approach to therapy is relational, honest, direct and insight oriented. I use my expertise to show you the reflection of your subconscious by making observations, asking questions, sometimes challenging you. This will bring to the forefront what might be holding you back from reaching your full potential. It might highlight your inner conflicts that you might be struggling with. 

Some of the techniques I incorporate are for mind-body bridging, mindfulness which helps in the process of grounding and being in the present. Cognitive Behavior Therapy helps in identifying rational from irrational thoughts, changing thought process and in turn changing feelings and actions.

I ask you questions about your childhood and other phases of your life to gain awareness and insight about patterns and form connections. Knowing your life story will help me help you identify the root cause of what might be blocking you emotionally and mentally in the present. We identify the attachment patterns formed growing up and how that might be affecting present relationships.

EMDR is used for processing trauma from emotional, mental, physical and sexual abuse. Inner child work is used to identify your wounded, hurt inner child parts and parts of you that have been protecting you for all these years. Parts work along with EMDR helps process and heal trauma, alter old patterns and negative core beliefs. Emotional regulation is another area of focus, different emotional regulation techniques based on mindfulness are taught in the sessions.


About my background

My passion for being a part of the process of positive change that one can bring about in oneself started with working with children with Cerebral Palsy and their families. Working in a program in India, providing free education to underprivileged children extended this passion even further. These experiences lead me to pursue a Masters degree in Human Development and Family Sciences from Jadavpur University in the historically and culturally rich city of Calcutta, India.

It so happened that around that time I moved to Austin. Three years later, I joined University of Texas at Austin and got a Masters in Counselor Education. At UT, I had the opportunity to extend my understanding of psychological and emotional aspects from a therapeutic perspective.

Over the years since then I have had the opportunity to work at a variety of settings. After graduating from UT I wanted to gain experience working with different age groups and people with different needs and struggles.

Therefore, I joined Capital Area Counseling, Austin Child Guidance Center and my supervisor’s private practice. I have had exciting experiences and amazing clients. The deep understanding of human development and counseling skills provides me the tools required to help my clients gain awareness and understanding about their experiences in different stages of life. It helps me guide them towards being aware of how that might be influencing their present. Personally experiencing the benefits and healing power of EMDR I was motivated to get trained and now certified in it.

Along with my skills and techniques that my training provides, I bring an understanding and experience to my work that is unique to me. My expertise in anxiety, people pleasing, trauma and relationship issues come from personal experience and experiences of people around me. It triggered my curiosity and encouraged me to learn more about each of these areas. 

I was born and raised in India. Along with being fluent in English, I also speak Hindi and Bengali (Indian languages). I have lived in Austin for over ten years now and cherish all the experiences and memories that Austin helped me create with my husband and daughter. 

License information-

I am licensed to practice in the state of Texas and Washington State. You have to be physically located in the state that I am licensed in.


Here is the information for the Licensing Board in Texas:

Texas Behavioral Health and Executive Council

Phone# – 512-305-7700

Mailing address-

Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council

George H.W Bush State Office Bldg.

1801 Congress Ave., Ste. 7.300

Austin, TX 78701

Live your life aligned to who you are.

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