EMDR Consultation

Hi, I am Anu.

I am an EMDR consultant in training (CIT) and offer EMDR consultation to anyone who is a licensed psychotherapist or is working towards their license and are interested in deepening their EMDR skill or are pursuing EMDR certification.

I specialize in working with individuals dealing with childhood and relationship trauma.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor trained in IFS level 1 from the IFS institute and am working towards getting certified in IFS. 

This is a space for you to strengthen your EMDR skills, further your skills, add more tools to your tool box and feel more comfortable, confident and intuitive about using EMDR in your practice.

If you are interested in learning to integrate parts work and IFS with EMDR to work through complex childhood trauma, then you can choose to focus on that as well. I am a culturally sensitive therapist, therefore the impact of culture on the client’s trauma is also incorporated in treatment.

Consultation sessions will be held virtually

EMDR Consultation Fee

Individual- $100/hr

Dyad- $50/hr

Group- $35 per person for an hour and a half. Group will be limited to 3-4 members.

Contact me for a 15 minute free video consultation if you feel like you might be intersted in expanding your EMDR skill or starting your EMDR certification journey. 

Schedule a free consultation for EMDR Consultation

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