If you think you might have traits of a people pleaser then please take some time and listen to this podcast. Lahana Vigliano and I had a good chat about people pleasing.

The following questions were covered:

  • What is people pleasing

  • Is there something on a biochemical level that makes us have this?

  • Benefits of being a people pleaser

  • Negatives and struggles with people who are people pleaser

  • Tips on how to break out of people pleasing

This video talks about attachment in early childhood and how that impacts our relationships later in life. It explains the different types of attachments and talks about the importance of early attachment.

How does EMDR work?

This above video will provide you with an insight on how EMDR works to process a traumatic experience. EMDR can be used for both single incident trauma that might lead to PTSD and complex trauma that results from a compilation of several similar experiences throughout our life right from our childhood.

Really like this video. This video is about mindfulness. Most of us think mindfulness is meditation. Being mindful just means being in your present moment. Meditation is definitely an important aspect of mindfulness. It helps us be more mindful of and connected with our own thoughts and needs. This video has done a very good job of explaining what to do with unwanted thoughts.