Who do I work with?

Have you ever felt like this move or this new job or this new relationship will be different. However, you find yourself repeating the same situation and familiar feelings again. Then you might find yourself thinking: “Why do I put myself in these situation over and over again?” or “How did this happen again?”

Have you ever experienced overwhelming feelings about a certain interaction or a comment or a situation. But, were unable to identify exactly what you were feeling and as a result were unable to communicate your message.

I am passionate about working with anyone who finds themselves caught in an inner conflict or held back by an inner resistance that keeps them from connecting with their needs and feelings.

Here is how I categorize my passion and have tried to provide you a glimpse into how I could help you in your journey:

Stress anxiety and depression

People pleasing personality

Relationship issues for individuals

Although I have categorized my areas of interest, they all overlap with each other. For example, stress leads to anxiety and anxiety and depression come hand in hand. People pleasing causes immense amount of stress and can affect our mental health resulting in anxiety and depression. The way in which we understand the word and allow ourselves to attach with the world has a big role to play in who we allow into our lives. Being stuck in our old patterns can trigger a sense of helplessness and anxiety about dating and any relationships. Individuals with people pleasing personality a lot of the time have anxious attachment as a result are more likely to attaching to someone who might be an indifferent/avoidant type who keeps a distance and holds back. This type of a relationship increases stress, triggering self doubt resulting in anxiety or depression.

We all adopt different coping skills as kids. At that time these coping skills work for us. However, once we grow up the same coping skill that were helping us start harming us by holding us back and keeping us stuck. I have gone though my own process of growth and change. There is a sense of relief, freedom and excitement in realizing that you have a choice. You don’t have to be guided by the feeling of guilt. You don’t have to settle for something that you don’t want. Forming a compassionate relationship with yourself will help you connect with your wants and needs and allow you to reach out for them.

Thank you for reading about me and the services I provide. I hope you choose to make me a part of your journey to growth and change.

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