EMDR Therapy for Trauma



PTSD occurs when an incident leaves someone experiencing a direct threat to their life and/or leaves them feeling helpless and powerless.

A shift in your sleep patterns, emotional regulation, physical reaction, mood, level of alertness, level of concentration etc, right after a traumatic event makes it clear that these are symptoms of the trauma that your body and mind experienced and your mind needs help with processing that event in order to heal.

If  PTSD is left untreated it can interfere with one’s body’s capacity to emotionally regulate and interfere with their everyday life making it difficult for them to conduct basic functions like eating and sleeping, things that we take for granted.

Please reach out if you have experience any event in your life that might have left you feeling the above mentioned symptoms. 

Relationship Trauma

Being in an Abusive relationship can cause PTSD. In these relationships people feel powerless and helpless. 

Trauma from relationship is not limited to romantic relationships. It could be from work, friendships, in-law relationships, sibling relationships.

You feel criticized and put down a lot. It feels like you don’t matter. You feel devalued and invalidated.

It feels like it’s always your fault and does not matter how hard you try it’s never good enough. You find yourself defending yourself and over explaining.

You might feel confused a lot. For example- you bring up something to them that you are upset about, but for some reason it’s turned on you and now you find yourself apologizing to them. You find yourself walking on eggshells around that person. 

Gaslighting, where your reality is denied, is a part of your relationship. They tell you that you are too sensitive and you are overreacting. You feel like the best way to keep the pease is just to do what they want.

There is betrayal in your relationship along with constant lies and manipulation.

Along with emotional and verbal abuse there could be physical and sexual abuse as well. 

Firstly it’s really difficult to walk out of an abusive relationship. Even after you have gathered the courage to walk out, the post traumatic stress caused by these relationships need attention and healing. 

Symptoms of trauma can continue even after the relationship ends. You might have ruminating thoughts. You have intense disturbing memories. Nightmares and flashes make it difficult to sleep.

You feel anxiety, anger, regret, fear, panic attacks. You have a strong negative reaction to someone talking loudly or giving you a hug or touching you by accident. 

You might notice that you are very alert and have difficulty with sleep and eating. You carry a lot of blame and shame.

You go through a rollercoaster of thoughts and emotions. You have a difficult time trusting people in romantic relationships or just trusting people in general.

You might not lean on loved ones for support out of shame or because you don’t want to burden them. 

Someone going through relationship trauma can also have a history of childhood trauma.

Childhood trauma caused because of experiencing emotional neglect as a child can cause really deep wounds and rationalizing your caretaker’s behavior prevents you from recognizing your pain.

Unhealed childhood trauma makes us more susceptible to allowing toxic abusive people into our life.

Don’t worry you are not alone. You can find relief. 

EMDR-Therapy-for Trauma

About the journey

Hi, I am Anu. 

I am a licensed professional counselor and an EMDR Certified therapist. I provide online counseling services to women all over Texas and Washington State struggling with trauma that manifests in different ways.

EMDR in combination with inner child work has shown great results for my clients. Inner child work helps lower the resistance and EMDR helps desensitize and reprocess difficult experiences and feelings.


EMDR is an evidence based treatment used to treat trauma.

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. 

It helps reduce the intensity of the traumatic memory and helps your system get out of the fight, flight freeze response. EMDR will help you reprocess the difficult memory that your brain has been holding on to and change your relationship with it. It helps you identify a new positive meaning from that experience and heal. The experience from your past will no longer have a hold on your present or future

My clients have reported the following experiences in their healing journey:

Being able to feel more grounded.  

They are able to approach life without constant fear.

They are able to live their life aligned to who they are as opposed to who they think they should be.

They are able to make choices that are growth based as opposed to fear based. 

They are able to set boundaries and prioritize themselves.

They are able to walk away from toxic relationships and value themselves.

They feel more empowered and make difficult choices because they feel resourceful to help themselves get through those situations.

They are able to emotionally regulate and stand up for themselves.

How to get started?

Send me an email to set up a 20 minute free consultation. If both of us feel like we are a good fit then we schedule the first appointment. All sessions are provided online through video.

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